Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Together with Friends

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I really do not mind, really, if I don’t have a friend. This is my life. You’ve your own life too. Probably, we can put a thing in other people’s buffets, but everyone has his/her own life.

It is extremely about how we can get a deal with anybody? Come on, we can not please everybody. What we will be, just we are. But, please always stick to the Righteous Path of our Deen in this worldly life.

Allah Asks us for being good Muslims, even Mukmins. Allah Has Not Command us to be our self. This make a sense? Please read it carefully, you need to understand what I said in this paragraph. Common people always prefer to reply (bad replies), not to understand, not to make a deal with, not to make a sense. Really sad, but it works. That’s the fact.

So, we need to always make good sounds to everything. Because everything happens due to Allah’s Hand. Allah Knows everything. Allah Knows bests.

Keep calm and carry on. Keep in pray, and always.