Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Friday on Stage

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Today, alhamdulillah, I held my last presentation on Seminar class. Well, it was surprised. But, I love it. May be nervous, but I have really enjoyed. Enough interactive. The audience gave feedback out of control (eh, in fact, I could not answer their questions).

Our lecturer, Mr. Slamet Mulyono and Ms. Sumarwati gave nice comments and feedback too. My proposal was painted very well by them. So many mistakes on it. I ashamed, but like it because I can make it better than today.

Perhaps, it was my last seminar, but it is not make me gave up for consult with some lecturers. They are good close-friends, you know. So, I want to finish my study as soon as I can. It is enough for me. It is last semester. Bismillah.