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Computing Minimalistic

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I have confused when I want to choose one Linux distribution (distro) for my laptop (emachines D720) as its operating system. The condition enforce me to try some distros. O Allah, what the hell am I doing? I can do another thing than do this activity (just try and install some distros). Absolutely, I want to use KDE and learn Qt too, but I think my machine does not support KDE well because KDE needs more resources. If I use personal computer, perhaps I can easily use KDE because its hardware fully-support.
I need to try some distros, start from Fedora, Kubuntu, then openSUSE. I know openSUSE more support for KDE faction, but I need to know more KDE runs on other architectures. When I worked on Fedora (13) at first, it was Gnomed. No big deal, then I replace it with fully-KDE. Wow, enough fast than I ever think before. I think this dsitro should have installed on my laptop. Nevertheless, why I could not access my wireless card device (Broadcom)? I google for ndiswrapper, then install bcmwl5.inf — I plan that. But, o my… Fedora needs more than I ever know, he needs kernel module. I gave up for a while, just for a moment — I plan to try later.
Fedora installed well, then I want to accompany him with openSUSE. openSUSE (11.2) run well on my machine. No problemos found. I love it. I did not need Internet connection when I want to find ndiswrapper program because the package available on openSUSE DVD installer. Much love it. No more bugs on openSUSE, but perhaps, little hard when I work with it.
No more times, Fedora and openSUSE still save in my harddrive, I would try Kubuntu. Kubuntu (10.04) really nice. Love it too. There are no mistakes or problems, except my Broadcom wireless card. Look likes Fedora, I need Internet connection to download some dependencies.

, openSUSE, Kubuntu, and Fedora really enforce my laptop. It is unwell condition because my laptop looks like an old computer. I need operating system with low-tech engineering. Then I found Slackware and its derivatives, such as Zenwalk, Salix, and some more. I think I want to replace it all (openSUSE, Kubuntu, and Fedora) with Zenwalk or Salix. Hiks. It does not matter for me. I want to try both because I think both of them knowing my machine condition.
Yeah, I turn on to computing-minimalistic style, need little hardware resources, focus on my work on it. I need to save some money for new personal computer because I need more hardware power if I want to run my operating system on KDE.
To KDE and Qt, we meet maybe later. I want to focus on my study at first with my light-weight Linux distro. Hiks.