Latif Anshori Kurniawan

English Speech Contest

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I am going to join English Speech Contest here, in my college. It will be held on November 6th, 2010. Wow, my basic field is Bahasa Indonesia, but I want to participate in that event. It may sound weird, but I want to try it, though I feel unwell. I should have a concept before technical meeting tomorrow (October 30th, 2010). I think that’s not a big deal, that’s will be nice day.

There are three topics.

  1. The Role of Youth in Abolishing Corruption,
  2. The Most Appropriate Punishment for Corruptor, and
  3. The Effectiveness of Government’s Regulation in Solving.
I do not want to choose. Yup, I want to combine them into one concept, hopefully that will be s nice concept, and different from another participants’. Yeah, I’ll make it DIFFERENT!! Hey, could you help me to create a mind mapping..!?

I want to practice English whenever possible. English is not my primary language, but I will be good if I can speak it, though it takes long time. No problem, everything needs immolations.

English, I can speak you.