Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Japanese, Japan

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My day comes up, my blood was boil. I am burning up fire. I looks like hard-worker (just looks like because I have still jobless). I try to imitate Japanese spirits. No at all, just their spirits how about life, how about hard-work, how about love your activities (jobs, tasks, etc.), how about loyal, how about samurai, how about kamikaze, and also how about this. Why they do that so well? Their spirits, their motivation, their lands, and their eyes, very well.

They can do anything they wants. They are very dangerous. They are traditional people with modern life styles. They love their own culture, though they adopted little Western custom. They are stronger than before (1945). The so great and cool now. Why? Because they know how to life living. They are Japanese, they are Japan.

Should I have to go to there (Japan)? What for..!? For studying about Japanese and Japan.