Latif Anshori Kurniawan


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Today, I’ve moved my Twitter account (@anshori) to new date. Actually, this account has been created firstly on the beginning of February 2009.

A couple years without any tweet, I started after 2011. Then, I got my ramblings quiet not gave benefits anymore there—astaghfirullah (may Allah Forgive me). I’ve deleted for several hours of that username at 2013. All past tweets are cleared, no more memories, no more sins of mine—but it’s still hurt.

Then, I need to know more about beneficial knowledge of Islam from the trust sources. Alhamdulillah, Allah Guide me to several account which is in one Manhaj (a calling—Dakwah—methodology) with Maktabah Salafiyyah (known as Salafi Publications) in Birmingham, United Kingdom, before 2013. Later on, I’d follow some with that new username registration, but still @anshori.

I do not mind about followers. I do not think to do with Kultwit (in Indonesian language: tweet series to share knowledge about something) again. I just want to use it as my personal media to grab some beneficial knowledge about truly Islam deeply. So, please be wise, when you follow me, but I do not follow back you. I am sorry, this is my privacy do.

Thanks to Allah that Gave us a well media to share freely on the Net. May Allah Forgive us and always—aameen.