Latif Anshori Kurniawan

The 12th Ash-Shariah National Dawrah

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All praise is due to Allah, He always Grant us any Na’imah, Rahmah, and Hidayah. Good news and glad tiding for everyone, Yayasan Asy-Syariah Yogyakarta will hold a national Dawrah (conference) at Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is the 12th Ash-Shariah Dawrah (Daurah Nasional Asy-Syariah) and will hold and start at tomorrow (Ahad, April 3). The theme is: “The Guidance to Prevent Radicalism for Unity of Our Nation and Religion”. In shaa’ Allah.

This conference will fill with beneficial knowledge by our Scholars (Ulama, Mashaykhuna) in Arabic and Indonesian language.

  • Ash-Shaykh Ali Hussein Abdullah Ash-Sharafi.
  • Ash-Shaykh Salah Futaini Kantusi.
  • Ash-Shaykh Zakaria ibn Shu’ayb.

There are two classes for this event.

  • General class (for all Muslims and common people) at Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia—Sunday, 25th Jumaadaa ath-Thaanee 1437 A.H. (April 3).
  • Indonesian Callers (Asatiza) class—Sunday to Thursday (April 3-7).

For more information about this Dawrah, you can visit May Allah Make it easy, may He Blessing us and always—aameen.