Latif Anshori Kurniawan


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Academical Information System (Sistem Informasi Akademik, SIA) is released to members of the University of PGRI Semarang (Universitas PGRI Semarang, UPGRIS) community and affiliates. Members of the UPGRIS community are students, staffs, and lecturers. A single individual can have only one identity (ID) to login and have an access in his/her account.

Faculty staffs, lecturers, and students at UPGRIS community can be issued an SIA’s ID if they need access to academical online services offered by the IT Service Desk (BPTIK). An ID may be requested by visiting BPTIK office (GU, the 3rd floor). Any other problems of SIA, just visit or contact the BPTIK staffs.

SIA is very important platform, especially to engage students and lecturers. They must have to take a look their SIA accounts in every single semester.

Students fill several information that can be seen by lecturers. So, if any terrible things happen in the future, lecturers can confirm them closely and even counsel them. So, by Allah’s Hand, we hope this engagement can cover issues between students and lecturers.