Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Why do you research?

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SINTA is still in development. But, it shows good progress on indexing Indonesian journals across the Net. At current, SINTA is collecting data of authors (citations) from Google Scholar (GS) and Scopus at Indonesia. Not only Google Cendekia (Indonesian version of GS) and Scopus, but also other local-indexed systems, like IPI (Portal Garuda) or others.

Scientific articles that indexed by known directory or database providers are popular these days. Many lecturers and researchers want to release and publish their articles on those portals. But, first thing first, we should be aware about the key values of publishing articles.

I am proud of you when you getting the opportunity to publish your own research report on Institute of Advance Engineering and Science (IAES). I think your report is awesome, an iconic article that maybe will be change the world—by Allah’s Hand.

Do not forget to always pleasure with changes Globally. Today is new era. All the things driven by any kind of “big data” stuffs. You need to explore more. Yes, IT canvas is always challenging, but your “fields”, your “homes”, always need you too.

Does not matter if you are doing cross-disciplinary research; it is better than not. Do something benefit for other people, do research that others will follow it and care about.

We could start from, “Aim high, accept low.” We need to dream big, build great plans. But, we must accept any kind of little things—whatever—we get. Do you still want to research something, to solve the problems, and challenging yourself, or even to live on Mars?

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