Latif Anshori Kurniawan

What is the future of AI?

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On Facebook, Andrew Ng asked his friends/followers about the future of artificial intelligence (A.I., AI). What is the future of AI? How about “the next or post-development of each AI stuff”? I assume you knowing the context of AI here is. And then, let me explain the points about.

  • On deep-learning & machine-learning: maybe social-core & values-integrated-learning will be developed.
  • On chat-bot: more than interactive text, but various voices/sounds and can read face expression.
  • On the algorithm behind AR-VR: without devices (no chips, no glasses) in a space/room, human can interact with the prisms, touch the parts in real life.
  • On Robotics: the “core mind’ of Robots fluently can read the feelings and/or thinking of other machines even humans.
  • On IoT: a smart-plate can read calories of food, a smart-spoon can detect the tongue condition, a smart-bed can make you sleep soon without depend on your room condition or weather, and others. Ah, ya, Drone can reach the Moon, even the Mars, then back to the Earth; can reach oceans, even continents without losing the batteries.
  • On self-driving car: mass production other self-driving vehicles/transportation (skateboard, bicycle, motor, train, plane, even aircraft).
  • All the development/deployment codes are open-sourced and not only available on GitHub. Maybe will be launched an easy programming language focus on A.I. development and can be learned by even a baby.

Those are just a dream that possibly everyone can realise in the future. Allah Willing. Sorry for those big dreams.