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Simplenote: simply note taking app

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Lovely to use several note taking apps in my Gawais, but mostly I use Keep (by Google). Keep is really simply & lightly note app, it could cover my daily writing updates. Just enter the app, then write whatever you want, and it’d automatically save your work immediately.

With the minimalistic interface design, Keep is enough actually to handle my needs. Then, people came with Simplenote up, and I attracted with it. I was late since it released in a few years ago, but nothing be late when you still can breathe.

Simplenote released & developed by WordPress team. Nobody don’t know WordPress today, an open-source blogging platform engine by a great company organised by Matt Mullenweg namely Auttomatic. Not only WordPress engine or services, Auttomatic had developed so many software for mobile and desktop, and Simplenote for sure.

When Keep synched well by my Gmail (actually Google account), Simplenote will sync my registered e-mail account on it, so I use other than Gmail. A must have feature for every single app these days: synchronisation. Mostly apps will synch every thing, so you just restore the stuffs when you need them later.

I directly love to use Simplenote. It is really blasting fast on my old phone. No more resources needed, I write like a samurai.

You won’t find colouring feature and cubical shapes like in Keep. But, no need the both features in Simplenote, you can differ each note by the gradation colours in between. No big deal about standard old-school listing style, I like this simplicity.

Firstly, I have worried about how to put my note’s title. You won’t find it. Just type the first row of your new one, it will be a title. No more distractions, love it.

You can use several tags to be linked between the notes. But, I rarely use tags, even not prefer to put it, but on blog(s). Actually, seem like on your blogs, tags will help you to see the similar topics of your posts. But, just in my simply honest opinion based on personal writing style, I still no need tags. No more bothering stuffs like tag, category, or even collaborative features. Just typing what I want to.

I think no need to rivalry Keep and Simplenote, neither other similar apps like Evernote, Wunderlist, and some more. No comparison in between this time. But, it’s worth to try for Simplenote. Seriously.

I myself love to use between Simplenote and Keep. Why still using Keep? I engage with it in the beginning, so many things wrote on it and mostly about serious stuffs. It’s really doesn’t matter because I focus on hard-writing on Simplenote, and tiny scraps on Keep.

For daily use, I do not use so many apps for a task, always comfort with an app for a task, between mobile and desktop. A bloat software just make me sad about the system perform. Will you use several Netflix-likes just to watch your favourite films? Will you install all available social media apps on your tiny Android? I give up, no Sticky Notes, no Typepad, just Simplenote.

Thanks for reading, and the poet said that sharing is caring; caring the values. Have you write your beautiful romans with Simplenote?