Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Darmasiswa BIPA Class II (Listening 1): Dialog Commentary

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On this fine Friday, I started my first BIPA class for this second semester 2017/2018 at 8:00 PM. I got new subject to share about listening skill for my students.

I ever teach listening subject in Indonesian. In Indonesian, this language skill is not about audible for the ears only, but also you can let your students’ eyes to watch something. So, for this beginning class, I used media to play a video.

I take a video from YouTube—after I gave up that no many Indonesian contents in Vimeo, sure not movies in Netflix. The video is about interview with two speakers. They discussed about the comparison between Indonesian and slang (Bahasa Gaul).

After I showed up the video, I asked my students to comment, they gave nice fantastical feedbacks. I wonder why they take this Darmasiswa program for learning BIPA, but they could talk very good in Indonesian. Let’s give them claps, yay!

Before I finished up the lesson, I played something for their task. And then, I proud of them for this first humble beginning semester. May Allah Blessing me & always.