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Office 2019 for Mac: Commercial Preview

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The office software on your computer (or gadget) is very powerful of productivity apps. Academias/researchers use the software and have skills to handle the features these days. Mostly scientific publishers require their authors to submit articles in Word format (.DOC, .DOCX) these days, though you will find other old-school formats too, like TeX/LaTeX or others.

The Word format are supported by all of the office program that released on many platforms. If you use LibreOffice or Calligra suite, you will find that both office software are pretty good to view and edit your .DOCX files. And yes, none do not know for Office suite by Microsoft.

All praise is due to Allah, Microsoft announced the release of the beta program for their next Office suite for macOS. The program called as Office 2019 Commercial Preview.

As the Microsoft announcement stated on their official news, the program has a purpose for you or your organizations that plan to deploy the volume licensed version of Office 2019–when it has released later this year. The fantastic news is this Office apps, that are included in Office 365 (if you have its account previously), already have all the features.

If you are not subscribe the Office 365, your organization must be registered with Microsoft Collaborate to join the preview program. For the instruction details, please following this link.

Can’t hardly the official release of the Office 2019, right? May Allah Grant us Tawfeeq!