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How You Should Have Pay Attention to Canva

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Some partners in university have already use an app that support them in presentation, explaining their lecture materials. The told me the app name: Canva. To me, they showed up their presentations nicely. Based on that case, I think Canva is a PowerPoint-like software at first; I do not ever use it yet. But, the App Store shares differently today, then finally I know what Canva is.

I really like the articles about the developers and their development in the store on special rubric: Meet the Developer. Once a week, the Apple team telling a story based on their interview with iOS developers and his/her team—the people behind the good apps, between founder and co-founder at least.

Canva, an app for graphic design, is founded by Melanie Perkins. She is a Western University student. She is still young, 19-year-old girl. The first initiative of building Canva is all about helping her friends for a simply graphic design tool that cover many things. So, she made Canva with rich & unique features to cover to.

Actually, Canva is a simple app. With simply user interface (UI), Canva provides adaptive templates, a dozen photography designs, many font types, and some more. I think this is not only good to switch slides into beautiful designs that can attract the audience in a presentation session and support your stage performance. It is more than that. Canva accessible to everyone with various needs for sure.

One thing that I like about Perkins’ spirit when building Canva is her start humble beginning and her purpose to help individuals, businesses, and not-for-profits. Yes, really big non-profits orientation. But, she leads Canva to a unicorn (means a billion dollar-valued business/start-up company). A unicorn one from Australia. The interview closed by Perkins’ quotes.

The more goals you set and accomplish, the feeling of confidence in you ability to achieve grows, and in-turn gives you the confidence to take on more ambitious challenges.

Thank you, Perkins. Thanks for your Canva. And now, I do not think Canva for PowerPoint-like again—not only about that. Not only as one of best graphic design apps. A great one.