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Mac ‘Tua’ pun Masih Berdaya (English)

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Thanks to Allah, we (my family and I) use Mac until today. Though it’s an old MacBook Pro (MBP, before 2010), I thank to the Apple Inc. because their hardware in this machine are really great. Stable and still robust to use on a daily basis. I’ve dual-booted with Linux, and no doubt it runs blazing fast. All praise is due to Allah, I wish I could use it til its end.

Because I use the old one, and El Cap. is the latest supported operating-system on it, then I decided use it on Linux (with latest kernel) more at current. But, sometimes, I miss this the OS X (before changed to the new brand-name macOS), and I try to keep the updates of all software that still supported on it. These days, many Mac apps provide for Catalina (the next new one is Big Sur), and it’s fair enough. The technology, the innovations, all new stuffs, are always good–maa shaa’ Allah.

It’s enough for me use iPad to taste the Big Sur. I believe our iPadOS 13.00 version will get the quite similar Big Sur (have you install iPadOS 14 public beta?). Not assume, just realize when I access WhatsApp account on iPadOS 13.00’s Safari. Ya, none information officially are all about, but I pretty sure the next iPadOS is “customized macOS” for tablet. And, the classic OS X (10.11.6) on this MBP still awesome to me. Several essential apps/software could run on it. Never cry for expired software, many alternatives out there–walhamdulillah.

Others? No big deal, MacUpdate provides the new updates/releases of many popular apps. FileHorse Mac is quite help too. Sure, Macintosh Repository is great Mac apps repo for everyone who want to feel the nostalgic moments–maa shaa’ Allah. Command-line interface on old-school Unix/BSD or Linux is my favorite. On Mac, do not forget to enable your own root: dsenableroot, sometimes you need it. The Terminal app would be visited first time after reinstalled, and MacPorts or Homebrew is the best castle to me. Sure, I love open-source software so much, then I’ve crosschecked from Open Source Mac. No games, but sometime remember Doukutsu Monogatari (hey, Ghost of Tsushima will available on Mac, eh?).

This MBP is still powerful. I hope I can run any other Linux distros on it. At current, I’ve planted a regular latest Mint (with Cinnamon desktop environment). provides a lot of alternatives. Today, I found Absolute Linux–a Slackware derivative) after searching a lightweight Linux distro for this machine (besides Zenwalk) on DuckDuckGo.

After Jesse Smith (founder of reviewed the latest openSUSE Leap (sure I like the Tumbleweed–a rolling release–branch), it brings back memory 15 years ago (when I was at senior high school), and I think I need to try it (why not?)–wallahu A’lam. If you fan of Dedoimedo, please let me know. The feeds of Planet KDE are still make me curious. Others: OMG! Ubuntu, Fedora Magazine, Phoronix, and/or Slashdot. Done here, thanks for reading.