Latif Anshori Kurniawan

Kilas: Wordle, Rust, Fedora, openSUSE, Wikipedia Library, dll.

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  • If Wordle is still challenging, you can try Warble (based on Vala & GTK for elementary OS; thanks to Andrew Vojak) on your open-source Linux-based system (other distros).
  • An open-source desktop environment based on Rust? Ya, COSMIC (currently available for the Pop!_OS Linux). Thanks, Eduardo Flores! By the way, Lua can implement in Rust too. P.S.: Rust is well praised by Jack Dorsey.
  • Fedora Linux re-spins ISO download page.
  • openSUSE Krypton (KDE Tumbleweed) ISO download page.
  • The Wikipedia Library.
  • Article: “My first impressions of web3” by Moxie Marlinspike (co-founder Signal app).
  • Article: “An Open Approach to Financial Freedom” by Andrew Lee Rubinger.
  • Article: “Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet?” Protocol.
  • Article: “‘You Don’t Own Web3’: A Coinbase Curse and How VCs Sell Crypto to Retail” by Fais Khan.
  • Podcast: “Alex Gray: Quarantined at Cloudbreak” by Surf Splendor (395).
  • Muun Wallet.
  • Article: “Street–Level Algorithms: A Theory at the Gaps Between Policy and Decisions” (PDF).
  • Article: “TransforMR: Pose-Aware Object Substitution for Composing Alternate Mixed Realities” (PDF).
  • Article: “SoundsRide: Affordance-Synchronized Music Mixing for In-Car Audio Augmented Reality (PDF).
  • deepImageJ.
  • OpenHaystack.
  • Microsoft Typography OpenType.