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GRUB Fedora di MBP 2009 (English)

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GRUB Fedora di MBP 2009 (<em>English</em>)

The photo, as you can see as on this post feature, was taken from GRUB boot-loader interface of Fedora Linux (rawhide, with MATE desktop) in our old MacBook Pro 2009. Alhamdulillāh (all praise is due to Allah), the GRUB could detect all of open operating-systems: Ubuntu and openSUSE. The first step was install Ubuntu. Then, openSUSE (Tumbleweed version), and the last was Fedora.

Ubuntu and openSUSE installed in EXT4 format, and Fedora in BTRFS. openSUSE, actually, use BTRFS by default, but we setup it as EXT4 easily, too. The adorable thing is Fedora. Fedora created a boot icon on system option in the beginning if we start the machine while we push the [option] button. El Capitan and Fedora appeared side-by-side. What we do was nothing, we just chose custom installation of the hard-drive free space in Fedora installation process. Big thanks to Fedora Project team!

GNOME lands in Fedora and Ubuntu, and openSUSE very fit with surely KDE. The latest GNOME does not provide in Ubuntu, but Fedora does. We think we are not creative in this context. Ya, we do not use these three distros for so long permanently. No guarantee we still use that machince, too.

By the Permission of Allāh, we do experiments as we could on that old MBP. For the open-systems, we will choose the systems that easily handle and maintain, but not on a daily basis. At current, we still lovely use Fedora and Slackware. Slackware ELILO could be planted very well on the EFI partition. Ya, Slackware partition could be detected by Fedora GRUB, too.

Some times, we decide to focus on Fedora, but in reality, many office jobs covered by Ubuntu. So, Fedora for RPM family and Ubuntu for DEB ones are good enough. We never know for the next, but we wish we still can use this old machine for the next few years—in shaa’ Allāh. And, the main focus of using open-source software is not just using the stuffs, hopefully we can give a little contribution to the projects (whatever its small shape)—may Allāh Aid us to realize this. Baarakallāhu feekum!