Latif Anshori Kurniawan


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I prefer to speak in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Right, I am Indonesian people, still live in Indonesia. Although I prefer Indonesian, I would love to use another language. One of them is computer-programming language. Sure, it is language, language on a machine call as computer.

Computer is modern machine to help human doing some works. Many people using computer to make easy their work done. This technology comes from West, of course with English user interface (graphical or command line). Therefore, I should have learned English, and then I hope I can communicate with my computer.

I like programming, and I would love Qt (C++ toolkit by Nokia). I use and learn it because its consistency, easy configurability, efficiency, flexibility, maturity, modestly, robust, and stable. In programming field, I want to focus on Qt. I learn Qt on KDE environment. I like KDE, even my computer being old with minimalistic hardware. No big deal, it still can run on my old machine very well, even suck its resources. Ha. No problem, some KDE developers feel same thing.

Beside Qt, in computing side, I use LaTeX for document processor. LaTeX teaches me how to make document with consistency. Because I like Qt, I want to use LaTeX on Qt based program, and then I found LyX. LyX is LaTeX front-end. It is easy to use, user-friendly, and makes LaTeX fun; likes play a game, even still serious.

I use some distros (Linux distributions) for execute some tasks on my computer. Yes, I use Linux. I like openSUSE, Fedora, and Kubuntu Linux distributions, all run on KDE environment, all set to (only) KDE applications/software. I am very KDE addict, but not fanatic. KDE is powerful, and sure, beautiful too. Many Linux users (non-KDE users) said that KDE is for Microsoft Windows users who want to migrate their computer from Windows to system which build with Linux kernel. It isn’t wrong/false opinion, but it isn’t right/true too. Many other veterans, old programmers, also IT professionals, use KDE as their Unix-like (including Linux distributions [Slackware, Debian, Fedora/Red Hat, openSUSE, etc.], BSD family [FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.], OpenSolaris, and some more) window manager on their chosen operating system that installed default on their varieties (different platform/architecture) machine.

Hey, whatever your computer platform (Linux, Mac, and Windows), you can still use, develop, or deploy Qt applications/software. If you do not care about Qt, it is your computing style. Whatever your computing style, happy computing, have a cool play computer in your life activities!